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We are passionate about improving this industry.

The Canadian Association for Colon Therapists (C-ACT)
was incorporated in Ontario as a not-for-profit organization in 2014.

We are a group of therapists committed to the health and well-being of all people. We are passionate about working together to seek the support of a Regulatory Board to improve this industry and implement Canada-wide standards.  Regulation protects our integrity and will help us grow our industry and be recognized as a legitimate, alternative health resource.

We encourage therapists to join this effort for a collective benefit.

We are not a watch-dog organization.


What does Regulation do for us?  As an example, during the past 2 years battling this Pandemic, our businesses were not allowed to operate.  In the first stage of re-opening, Massage Therapists (RMT’s) were allowed to re-open under the guidance of their Regulatory Board.

The Health Department lists us as “Personal Services” along with tattoo parlors, esthetics, hair and nail salons – not as an accredited, alternative health service.

Colon Therapists were non-existent during the lockdown as we have no Regulatory Board to lobby for us. No “business category”, no Regulatory Board, no support.  

Canadian Association for Colon Therapy - established to:

  • Set and promote standards for ethical practice, and professionalism among members.
  • Improve qualifications for individual members.
  • Share information for the mutual benefit of the members.
  • Promote uniformity in the industry.
  • Provide working guidelines for therapists.
  • Protect the character and status of the profession.
  • Unite members of the colon hydrotherapy profession. 

We have drafted guidelines to ensure the safety of therapists and clients.  Follow these guidelines and standards, so we present as a united group of therapists lobbying for change. More details on this will follow soon.

Your feedback is valuable to us and always welcome!

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