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Who We Are

We are a group of colon therapists committed to the health and well being of all people.  We are passionate about working together to improve the industry and implement the highest standards – ultimately leading to recognition by a Canadian Regulatory Board.  Regulation will help us grow our businesses and be recognized as a legitimate alternative health resource.  

We encourage therapists to join this effort for our collective benefit.

We are not a watch-dog organization. 

Canadian Association for Colon Therapy - established to:

  • Set and promote standards for ethical practice, and professionalism among members.
  • Improve qualifications for individual members.
  • Share information for the mutual benefit of the members.
  • Promote uniformity in the industry.
  • Provide working guidelines for therapists.
  • Protect the character and status of the profession.
  • Unite members of the colon hydrotherapy profession. 


Guidelines for Colon Therapists Prepared by Canadian Association for Colon Therapists

Join our monthly online meetings and play an active part by supporting us in our efforts to protect and improve the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worst that can happen during a colonic treatment?

  • Infection – if fully disposable equipment is not used or the clinic is not clean.
  • Burn or allergic reaction from additions in the water during enemas or implants i.e. hydrogen peroxide.
  • Tear in the anal tissue from poorly trained (or not trained) therapist who tries to re-insert the speculum
  • There are no known reported injuries in Canada to date.

What should I look for when searching for a colonic clinic?

A therapist that is certified by a reputable institution.  A clinic or that belongs to an association, such as a Better Business Bureau. Ensure the clinic holds Liability insurance coverage.

Does OHIP cover colon hydrotherapy treatments?

No.  OHIP does not cover colon hydrotherapy treatments, because this industry is not regulated.

If Colon Hydrotherapy is not a regulated industry, under what category of businesses are they able to operate under?

Because colon irrigation is not a regulated industry in Canada, there is no official category in which one can operate with a business “license”.  In similar industries such as aesthetics, hair stylists, tattoo artists, all that is required is a high school diploma, by enrolling in, and completing a certification program through a training institute.

This is not to be confused with a “Master Business License” when you register a business name as a Sole Proprietor or a Corporation.

Is it true that only nurses can perform Colonic treatments in Canada?

There is no evidence to-date that supports this as true. If it were the case, hundreds of colon therapists would be out of work, and there are fewer and fewer nurses performing colonic treatments in Canada because this service is not widely supported by the medical community.

Is it true that only doctors can insert a speculum into the rectum?

In Canada, the Control Act under the RHPA (Appendix A) (Regulated Health Professionals Act) states that: “unless you are a Regulated Health Professional, i.e. a doctor – you cannot insert anything into any orifice of the body, including insertion of a speculum into the anus of any person.”  Therefore, colon therapists must use the self-insert (client insert) technique in Canada.

Will my extended health care insurance cover colonic treatments?

Every insurance provider has their own list of treatments that they cover. You will have to check with your insurance provider. 

What schools are qualified to teach this colonic course to students in Canada?

This is not a simple answer because it requires research from students, and everyone has individual needs. Keep in mind that anyone can call themselves a teacher and teach a course – CAUTION – do your homework! Find out how long the person has been practicing, how long they have been teaching, and what you are paying for. Are you getting course materials? Are the course materials up to date and relevant? What is covered in the course? Do they have student recommendations and success stories? Do they have a valid business license? Do they have liability insurance coverage for teaching you this information?       

How many colonic clinics are there in Canada?

We have catalogued more than 100 clinics across Canada to date, and the list is growing.

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